Our Training - the Outer Court


In our training, we use many methods and cover a wide field. Our keynote is action and we welcome innovation, using many techniques to help individuals more fully realise themselves and achieve their destinies.


As a seeker, you are introduced to a specific vocabulary of the Western Mysteries. From this, you are then taught about the forces of nature and humankind in a carefully planned and systematic manner. With the guidance of a mentor from the Inner Group, you learn how to experience these forces consciously in your daily life.


Another area of study is the Qabalah, which has been one of the basic symbol systems of the Western Esoteric Traditions for many hundreds of years. The final part of our training programme deals with the use of symbols, something of the modern ritual methods used today, followed by a brief introduction on how a twenty-first-century group works to implement its ideals.

We value the concept of "world citizenship", and since our aim is service to both community and the world, we demand a high level of conscience and commitment in our members. 


We welcome those with an open mind on our training programme and hope that each part of the programme will provide an enriching and rewarding experience. Please note that we limit the number of students at any given time, so you may be required to wait before commencing the programme. It is also important to understand from the outset that entry to the working Inner Group is restricted to those who will best fit in and contribute to the work. Students are free to leave the course at any time and take with them the knowledge gained.

There are many ways of service and many groups seeking to put Aquarian Age ideals in action. There is also no shoe to fit all sizes and shapes. An esoteric group is no different.